For example, now the Haidian Park Entrepreneurship Service Center includes more than 200 national high-tech enterprises. We are sure that you must have gathered that even though partnering with the right offshore development company can be the best choice, it can get overwhelming. You can hire software development outsourcing at any stage of the development process. When you are in the stage of considering how to partner with the best offshore development team, it can help to keep a note of what can go wrong as well.

  • Choosing the best option for your needs will depend on the company’s budget.
  • One of our works is a mental health app called Nedley Lifestyle Scorecard (NLS).
  • While offshore software outsourcing does bring substantial benefits, there are also some drawbacks.
  • Poland is one of the most expensive countries for software development outsourcing in the Eastern European region.
  • Eventually, the misunderstanding will negatively influence the final results and project quality.

Thus, the cultural gap is inevitably almost always an issue, at least to a certain extent. At the SPD Technology, for instance, we have local representatives in the US, the UK, and Israel to enable smoother communication. While offshore development companies will help you build a detailed roadmap of your project, it’s up to you to state what matters most for your company and your clients. Make a list of what should be the development priorities in the short and long term. Our portfolio includes a bunch of offshore software development projects in different domains.

How can Appinventiv help with offshore software development?

A. Offshore software development is when an organization hires a dedicated development team and opens a new office for them in another country. They are permanent employees like a company’s local employees, the only difference being they are based at a different location. It is obvious that one of the biggest challenges with any team of outside experts is that they struggle to understand the real problems of your company and thereby offer proper remedies. It is also obvious that the outsiders will not have the same understanding of your internal processes as the people in your company.

overseas software development

But if your IT partner covers the software development aspects, having a high-level vision may be just enough. You should look for an offshore software development partner that has a proven track record of delivering results, and not the lowest price tag. Most businesses are interested in offshore software development as a cost-cutting measure.

How do you hire a C developer?

We’ll bring your vision to market by providing a full-service tech team and designers at your disposal. Outsourcing has become a popular option when companies need software development. It is often cheaper than in-house talent, and it usually offers a quick turnaround time. We have successfully completed many projects for years such as LuminPDF, Swell, Walrus Education, etc. One of the biggest advantages of outsourcing software development is the ability to save time. In fact, it’s possible to save a bunch of time per year simply by outsourcing certain projects.

overseas software development

A similar situation is also observed in Western Europe (especially Germany and Netherlands), where many European businesses are concentrated. The offshore development team you are going to partner with won’t be in-house. This makes it all the more important to agree on tracking tools where you would be able to be on top of the tasks done and the time that went into them. The ideal situation would be to hire a team that quotes an appropriate cost structure.

What are the benefits of offshore software development?

Offshore software development companies may offer you both QA Manual and QA Automation experts who will be able to test your software remotely in the most efficient way. Recently, we had a case study, on the SPD Technology blog, where we discussed in detail how our QA experts are able to help Roche to build medical device simulators remotely. From this case study, you can learn that our QAs are not just helping with the code, but are engaged in effectively testing software on real machines remotely.

overseas software development

Besides costs — though it’s important to note that the average cost of hiring was over $4000 in 2016 — offshore software development promotes hiring efficiency. Offshore software development describes when a software development process takes place outside of the benefacting business party’s country of residence. This is closely related and often synonymous with outsourcing, which refers to obtaining goods or services from third-party providers that are not internally staffed. Africa’s IT outsourcing market is only emerging, but it has already demonstrated rapid growth and is now attracting overseas clients. A pioneer of software outsourcing, Asia boasts the biggest number of offshore software developers as compared with other regions. When you work with an offshore development company, the time difference becomes a challenge.

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